Know about the Different Types of Printing Service

Whether it is the book you use to learn or the newspaper you use to get news of the world- everything needs to be printed. Without printing, you cannot think of reading or advertising anything in this physical world. However, have you ever thought how this printing service serves all your requirements so efficiently? The variety of colors and the designs that make you go crazy-do you know from where all these varieties come? Well, you must know about these matters, not just the sake of increasing your knowledge, but also to choose the best printing service for your benefits.

The different types of printing service

Digital printing

It is a type of printing, where digital images are printed on the physical surface, like photographic or common paper, cloth, film and plastic.

Electrostatic printing

This is quite similar to photocopying- where toner sticks are charged and thermally fused on a page.


It is another printing technique, which is used to create a 3-dimensional or raised image on a paper. Embossing printing can be two types, like dry embossing and heat embossing.


This printing method is used to print materials for packaging, like grocery bags, plastic bags, bottle labels or gift wraps. Here, rubber plates are used in the printing process.

Gravure printing

This is a high quality but expensive printing technique, which uses direct contact between paper and etched plate made up of copper. This printing technique is used to print large volumes of high quality materials, like magazines, brochures, catalogues and annual reports.


This is the oldest printing process introduced in the fifteenth century, which uses images on plate.

Offset lithography

It is a popular printing method used to print different types of textured materials.

Screen printing

It is also known as silk screening, which is a stencil process and forces ink through a screen.

So, when you are going for choosing a printing service for your won, choose the one, which suits your requirements the best.


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