The Catalog Designers Must Have Good Hang of the Color Therapy

A product catalog stands out from the others on strength of its appearance. In fact, it is the look of a catalog that compels the consumers to buy the products and thereby pushing up the profit margin of the businessmen. As the right blend of several ingredients cooks up a scrumptious dish, a variety of components equally play an important role in designing an eye-catching layout of a catalog.    

The consummation of colors is vital to the good look of a catalog. If the look of a catalog matters no less than the quality of the products to catch the attention of the buyers, scrupulous care should be adopted to choose the perfect color scheme. The color combination should be such that it offers enough readability and adds to the visual appeal of the catalog.

The color application should be in the perfect sync with the other elements of the catalog design. The designers should abstain from playing with riot of colors as it will ultimately spoil the look of the item. Moreover, simple attitude and minimalistic approach often convey the message of sophistication.

Your catalog is an item to advertise your merchandises and not project itself to the onlookers. So the design and color should be such that to bowl over the customers but not to overstuff the catalog itself . Follow the rule of consistency throughout the pages and use different colors for different font sizes to arrest the attention of the onlookers.

A catalog is a medium to let the customers go through the gallery of items with the necessary informative details. Everything from the compositions to price tags of the products must be provided in the catalog. The products must be categorized under the suitable heads so that the customers do not have to comb the entire catalog to find out their choicest items.

It is the best idea to highlight the names and prime points of the products in the suitable and contrast color format. The designers must have good hang of the color theory to mix and match a plethora of colors out of the color palette. Special care is to be taken while designing the cover of a catalog. Apart from applying the right combination of colors, you must take care of adding special effects to make it dazzle amidst the ordinary items.


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