Focus on the Essential Content Details of a Professional Newsletter – Part 1

Newsletter is a printed or online form used by a company to deliver formal and informal news to its customers. Being a non-verbal spokesperson of business organizations, newsletters must look professional. Therefore, the design and look of a newsletter is important. Only well-designed newsletters pique the interest of readers. Nameplate, masthead, departments, headlines, art, color, photograph, graphs and charts are the design essentials of a professional newsletter. All these building blocks work together to attribute a unified and unique look to a newsletter. A creatively designed professional newsletter is newsy in content and read.

Nameplate, the topmost part of the first page of a newsletter, highlights the name of the newsletter. It is not necessary to keep it at the top. It can be in the middle, at the bottom or along the side as well. The nameplate contains such details as the title, subtitle, origin and date of the newsletter. The nameplate is often taken as the masthead. But it is a mistake. Check the nameplate content given below -

“Newsletter” should not be the title of a newsletter. Think of a title as an index to the newsletter content. The title strength must not extend beyond two or three words, since brevity is the soul of wit. Keep it bold so as to make it distinctly noticeable.
Give a subtitle as explanation to the newsletter content. It supports the title and vivifies the matter to clear the confusion of readers.
The nameplate of a newsletter also highlights the source or origin of the newsletter. It helps the readers recognize the sender of the newsletter. The address as well as subscription information is among the contents of the masthead. Put the name of the sender in the nameplate.
Date is an important detail of the nameplate content. If you send newsletters in a series to your customers or readers, it is necessary to date them so that the receivers can track the series of newsletters.

If a newsletter is written by only one person, adding a masthead to it is not mandatory. Masthead is a must need, if a newsletter is available through subscription. Make sure to keep the masthead at the same place in each issue of the newsletter. To be put either at the bottom of the second page or on the back of the last page, a typical masthead mirrors the nameplate and contains the details like authors, contributors, address, contact number, date and subscription number.

Next blog under the same title would be a discussion on the other content essentials of a newsletter.


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