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Catalogs – Concise Information in Appealing Fonts Complements the Visual Appeal

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Though you have used appealing visuals to arrest the potential buyers’ attention, still it is the textual content that occupies the lion’s share of your catalog. The text complements the visual. Given such immense importance of texts, scrupulous care must be adopted while choosing the typefaces for your catalog; after all, a catalog is an effective medium of promoting and publicizing your products.    

Often the newbie in the field of business make the major mistakes of pouring their attention only towards creating the appealing visual effect while the aspect of formatting is neglected. But the gross formatting errors make the catalogs look very unprofessional and mar the sole objective of catalog printing.

The text of the catalog provides an overview of your venture. It makes the potential customers know as to the range of your products, price tags and also any rebate on the gross sale on offer. If the targeted customers are repelled by the looks of the fonts and clumsy arrangement of the texts, your marketing campaign will bear no fruit to boost the growth of your business.

In addition to using the eye-catching fonts to capture attention, the graphic designers should concentrate on the other two basic aspects – 1. Readability of the font and 2. Conveying the right message to the potential customers. These two features are not only imperative to make the catalogs look attractive to the consumers but present the transparency of your business to have trust from the public.

Whatever trendy font style you use in your catalog, they offer enough readability to the customers. Readability of the fonts is a feature that attributes immensely to the fulfillment of the business objectives of making awareness among the customers about the products on sale. If this feature is not taken good care of, the message will get lost in the crowd of the images and unattractive contents.

The second feature is associated with the precise information regarding the easy availability of the products and the reasonable charges. The detailing is to be done in such a way not to make the readers get bored easily. The information must touch upon the necessary points yet should be short and snappy. The major points should be highlighted in order to divert the attention of the buyers. The strong cooperation between the designers and printers will make it possible to produce an effective outcome to merchandise your products.

How to Avoid the Mistakes in Catalogs Printing

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

A catalog is an effective tool for a merchandiser to showcase his products to the potential customers. It is a non-verbal marketing medium that allows the buyers to be familiar with the gallery of the available products and services even without visiting the shop. As the sales promotional device, a catalog must ooze out an aesthetic and innovative style. But any major mistake in printing may prove to be a fly in the ointment and foil objective of driving the sales and making profit.    

Luckily, there are a few easy but effective steps to avert any sort of mistake, be it the major or minor one and to ensure a worry-free state for the business owners. Even though one may find a lot of appealing visuals in the catalogs, it is the textual content that fills up the major part of the printed ad tool. So, proof reading is vital to rectify any glaring error such as misspelling or typographical mistakes. Even the insignificant mistakes will not evade the eyes of an experienced proof reader.

The color images of the products and the color schemes of the fonts titillate the sense of the buyers and prod them to purchase the products on offer. Therefore, these aspects demand special and specific attention. The wrong placement or the sizes or the bleary appearances of the images may have a strong negative impact upon the customers and they will not feel the drive to purchase the products. Take meticulous care while reading the proof and pay attention even to the small to smaller details.

File format is of immense importance while designing the catalogs. A catalog should be designed in such a way to provide enough readability to the printing company. High resolution is a necessity to avoid errors while getting the catalogs printed. There is hardly any alternative to checking and rechecking for printing an error-free catalog. Identifying the significant errors at the final stage simply means going for reprinting and this only adds to your budget.

How Can the Catalogs be Your Effective Marketing Tool

Monday, July 26th, 2010

We are getting increasingly addicted to e-mail marketing to promote our products. No doubt, net marketing is a modernized and the easiest way of promoting one’s products or services. As the popularity of the social networking sites is booming with every passing day, campaigning through net is becoming a gripping idea for the businessmen. Still, the printed catalog has been able to hold its own charm to both the customers and entrepreneurs. Many are in favor of using both the print media and net to advertise the superlative quality and affordable prices of their merchandises.    

Your catalog is an effective channel to launch the new products and getting the new customers introduced to an array of items on sale. Catalog is a useful print material to showcase your products along with their in-depth descriptions and eye-catching visuals. From designing to getting the catalogs printed are obviously not the child’s play but once you are done with the job, you will be amazed at the expectation-exceeding ‘sales figure’. It is not that you will experience the magic instantly but gradually get rewarding return on your investment.

A production unit has several divisions that collaboratively help in creating hype about the products. If the focus is on quality and keeping the price tags reasonable to approach the sales goal, advertising is not a minor driver behind pushing up the profit margin. Even the net savvy persons take fancy in flipping through the pages of the printed catalogs to glance over the products on offer.

Whether you are a newbie in the business arena or an established professional, an arresting catalog is a medium with the strong emphasis on quality, affordability and quick delivery to give out the handy information about your products and win the hearts of the customers. The brief but informative details with the compelling images of a wide breadth of the products pique the interest of the consumers. A properly designed catalog is not only a helpful medium to extend the profit margin but also a reflection of your inner sense and eye for creativity.

A Perfectly Finished Catalog Comes Handy in Driving up the Sales Figure

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The dream of reaching out to a large section of the consumers can only be materialized by adopting an effective marketing strategy. Catalog is an innovative and convenient tool for such marketing campaigns. It is extensively used by businessmen to promote their products. Needless to say, the arresting design of a catalog has a finger in the pie of securing maximum return on investment. An entrepreneur always eyes on stretching the profit margin. The actualization of such a dream depends on the perfection of service to the customers. Catalog is a medium to advertise the range and rates of products and services on sale.   

Every aspect of catalogs from designing to printing needs to be done in the perfect fashion. In a nutshell, the entire gamut of a catalog printing project should be well planned. As it will consume a great deal of time from initial sketching to final framework, so the project should be started earlier. A catalog must not look clumsy and should not be crammed with unnecessary details. An arresting catalog must touch upon the brief yet precise description of each of the products along with their pictures. The language should be simple and the font size of the letters should provide enough readability.

Perfect finishing is one of the must-have attribute of an eye-catching catalog. An impeccable finishing touch hinges upon several factors. same sites The design of the catalog, its size and format, the quality of both the printing paper and ink are the important factors to be considered while giving the finishing touch to a project. An aesthetically designed catalog has all the potentialities to expand the customer base by converting the viewers into regular customers. When it comes to designing and printing catalogues, ‘Excaliber printing’ is the undisputed king in the printing world. With high quality printing, awesome finishing and jaw-dropping low printing prices, it has stepped far ahead of its rivals. If you wish to give a facelift to your catalog, the ‘Excaliber printing’ is the only direction to move forward.