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Catalogs – We Translate Your Dreams into Prints

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Catalog is an effective marketing tool to introduce products or services on offer by businessmen to their customers. It is a professional way to keep the consumers updated about the products and their fluctuating prices. A businessman always has an eye for expansion and it is only possible when the product he deals in reaches out to the targeted customers and fetches more business leads. A catalog should be not only informative in read but also captivating in look. Excaliber Printing, a leading print house is better aware of your business objectives and marketing efforts for having a professional catalogue. Our high-tech printers and top-notch service are capable of printing deliver cutting-edge and colorful catalogs to take you closer to your goal.

The top-tier printing machine is able to print the four full colors at a go. The printer uses a simple technique of overlaying each of the colors in the CMYK group producing the super brilliant effect on the catalogs. When it comes to delivering excellent performance, we are second to none. We value your precious time and that is why our printer can spurt out multiple printed pages at once. It is time-saving as well as economical for you. You will obviously want to get a huge bulk of pages printed but not be willing to wait longer. You do not have to do so too as it will just take less than an hour to get the whole work done.  

Our strength lies in quality of our service and our reputation rests on our reliability. We do not like to overlook the criteria of the clients’ affordability but at the same time take care of keeping the quality intact. Affordable rate and top-notch quality are what can best define our service. We provide facility to our existing as well as would-be customers to have estimation of the total printing cost subject to their choices to be entered into the specified boxes. We have a group of very experienced and qualified printing specialists who can patiently listen to any sort of queries of the customers and solve them. You can always contact us at the provided number and get advice from our experts. Your dreams will get translated into awesome prints by means of our efforts.

Designs, Color & Content are the Elements to Highlight Product Pictures in a Catalogue

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

If a product catalogue is supposed to drive sales, it must look good. Everything associated with a business should have a professional aura. So is a product catalogue. A design itself does not make sales. what is a cloud . The proper arrangement of products in a catalogue with lots of white space between the rows makes the catalogue presentable and saleable. get quality backlinks . A product catalogue’s objective is to fetch customers, get orders and generate sales. Only a professionally, properly and perfectly designed catalogue can do miracles. 

Outlining the product pictures is an important detail of catalogue design. Add some design element to the outline to fetch attention to the products. Choose an artistic border to circumference the product pictures. If possible, attribute a 3D effect to the look of the products in the catalogue.

Product pictures popping off the catalogue pages steal the show with the viewers. It lets the catalogue sell the products on your behalf. Using drop shadows under the pictures will make a 3D effect. The image of the catalogue is an impression of your business on consumers.

Don’t make a dog’s breakfast of the catalogue by placing some irrelevant picture in the background. It will rather mar the sale without selling anything. It will distract the buyer’s attention from the product page. Keep the background of the catalogue pages black and white save the product pictures. Colorful pictures in the black & white background seem to be popping off the pages.

Keep in mind; you are going to sell not the catalogue but your products. Therefore, not design but products should be the highlight of the catalogue. Design and color are the elements to highlight your products. If design is the first thing to grab the viewer’s attention, it is no wrong to say that the catalogue is selling designs. Re-work the catalogue to make the product pictures grab eyeballs.

Adding to the salability of a catalogue is a motivating description on each of the products. The pithy and punchy product descriptions throughout the pages motivate the viewers to turn up as potential customers. Showing products in use is a powerful boost to the sale of the products. A professional catalogue brings products to life.

Last but not the least; catalogue printing is similarly important as catalogue content and design. Make sure to have your catalogue printed with the application of a most advanced printing technology. If the product pictures appear to have lost their shine in the printed version of the catalogue, it will be as dead as dodo.