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Online Font Tools to Enrich the Kit of Web Designers for Easy Graphic Artwork

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Web design and graphic design go hand in hand. Both of them are distinguished forms of artwork. Font and type tools are must haves in the kit of web designers and developers. There are several online font and type tools that are free to use. You can use them for your purpose. The following tools are my recommendations for you –

Font Tester

The online font comparison tool that stands first in the list is Font Tester. Using it, you can compare various fonts side by side with the application of different CSS font styles. It is a tool of great use for web developers who look for the right style, color and font for their pages. Easy to use is a most advantageous feature of Font Tester.

Cool Text

The online tool to generate graphics for web pages is Cool Text. It is available free for the use of web designers. If you are sick of doing lots of design work, use Cool Text to get an impressive logo just after the image you like the most. You need to fill in a form with the details of the required logo and you will have the logo designed on the fly to your surprise.


WhatTheFont is an online font recognition system. If a specific font used by some publication or ad campaign catches your fancy, this tool is the ultimate application to recognize the font. Upload the font to the application by scanning it and you will get a database of the fonts akin to the scanned image of the font.


If you are keen on building special fonts out of geometrical shapes, FontStruct is a best font-building tool from FontShop. Available free online, FontStruct comes handy to let you easily and quickly create fonts. The tool generates True Type fonts of superlative quality for any Windows or Mac application once you are done with the procedure.


Want to experiment with your own handwriting to create text for a webpage on your personal computer; Fontifier is just made for you. The use of this innovative application to get fonts in your handwriting is no less than a surprise. It copies the style from the scanned image of your handwriting and converts it into the font just after your own handwriting. You can use it like regular fonts in the word processor and graphics program.